How to Read These Codes...

Certain conventions are used throughout the code book to refer to controllers, buttons, and the like. Here's an overview of the various notations you may see.

  • Controller Notation
  • Button Notation
  • Special Code Symbols
  • Virtual Console Controller Notation
  • Return to Index
  • Special Code Symbols
    + Press two buttons at the same time. "Press A+B" means that you must press both buttons at the same time.
    If you are told to press and hold the buttons down in a specific order, do so in the order given.
    x Number of times a button must be pressed. Ax4 means press A four times, or A A A A.
    ( ) Repeat a set of button presses a certain number of times.
    "Press (A B)x2" would mean you must press A B A B.
    "Press U (A+B)x2 B" means press Up, A+B, A+B, B.

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