How to Read These Codes...

Certain conventions are used throughout the code book to refer to controllers, buttons, and the like. Here's an overview of the various notations you may see.

  • Controller Notation
  • Button Notation
  • Special Code Symbols
  • Virtual Console Controller Notation
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  • Button Notation
    U D L R Up, Down, Left, or Right on the control pad or stick.
    cU cD cL cR
    Up, Down, Left, and Right on either the C stick or using the C buttons.
    U+R U+L D+R D+L The four diagonal directions possible on the joypad or joystick.
    U+R is the upper right diagonal, D+L is the lower left, etc..
    A B X Y
    C Z
    The A, B, X, Y, C or Z buttons.
    (On the N64, the Z button is the trigger.)
    (On the Wii Remote, the B button is the trigger on the controller; the Z and C buttons are on the Nunchuk.)
    [L] [R]
    [ZL] [ZR]
    The L and R shoulder buttons on the top of the controller.
    (ZL and ZR are present on the Wii Classic Controller.)
    (On the Virtual Boy, these are the two triggers on the underside of the controller.)
    [1] [2] The 1 and 2 buttons on the Wii Remote.
    [+] [-] The + (Plus) and - (Minus) buttons on the Wii Remote or Classic Controller.
    [START] The Start button.
    (On the GameCube, the Start/Pause button.)
    [SELECT] The Select button.
    [HOME] The HOME button on the Wii Remote or Classic Controller.
    RESET The Reset button on the system itself.

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