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checked-no =>Sound Test: Collect at least 130 of the 136 carved figurines, then go to Hyrule Town and talk to the guy inside the house with the golden statue atop it. He'll unlock the other side of the house, which contains a phonograph. Use the phonograph to bring up a sound test. =>Upgraded Spin Attack: Collect all 8 Tiger Scrolls, then fuse with the sword master on Mount Crenal. Enter the waterfall in Castor Wilds and fuse kinstones with the master inside. For the second upgrade, fuse kinstones with the sword master at Lake Hylia. Enter the waterfall in North Hyrule Field and fuse kinstones with the swordmaster there. =>Golden Tingle Statue: Once you finish all the kinstone fusions, talk to Tingle to get a golden Tingle statue. =>Remote Bombs: Fuse kinstones with the elder of Minish Village. Once you do so, go out the town's northwest exit and talk to the Picori who gave you the bombs at the beginning of the game. He'll give you remote bombs now. =>Light Arrows: Once you get the Gust Jar, fuse kinstones with the man in the yellow-roofed house in the northwestern corner of Hyrule Town. A warp will open near your home. Take that warp to enter the home of the strange traveler. Find the old man and use the Gust Jar to get rid of the ghost tormenting him. Later in the game, the man will give you light arrows, provided you rid him of the ghost now. =>Mirror Shield: Beat the game once. Continue the game and make sure you've finished the Goron quest, then fuse kinstones with the sixth Goron to make a giant Goron appear at the top of Veil Falls. Visit the giant and give him your shield; eventually, he'll give you the mirror shield. =>Magic Boomerang: Fuse kinstones with all four Tingle brothers to open up a magic tree in North Hyrule Field. Enter the tree and hit all four switches to get the magic boomerang. =>Bomb Bags: There are three upgrades to your bomb bag. * The first is found inside a fairy cave on the Crenal Wall -- toss your bombs into the fountain and answer honestly. * The second will appear in Stockwell's shop after you buy the boomerang. * The third will appear in the Wind Ruins if you Kinfuse with Belari in the Minish Woods. =>Bottles: One bottle may be bought from a Deku Shrub in the Trilby Highlands. * While tiny, go through the Cafe and enter the shop. Grow up, grab the bottle, then head to Lake Hylia and feed the dog in the hut. * Go to your house and fuse Kinstones with the smith. A chest will appear in the Eastern Hills. * Finish the Goron quest by fusing enough kinstones. Once the Gorons break through the wall, you'll be able to reach the chest. =>Upgraded Quiver: Once you beat the Palace of the Winds, you can buy a quiver upgrade at Stockwell's shop. * Another upgrade can be obtained if you correctly answer all of the Dragonfly Fairy's questions in the Royal Valley. * The final upgrade can be discovered if you fuse kinstones with a Minish near the beginning of the Wind Ruins. Once you do so, find the quiver. =>Upgraded Wallet: You can buy the first upgrade at Stockwell's Shop. * Fuse Kinstones with the Mayor and a new wallet will appear at Lon Lon Ranch. * Once you have at least two power elements fused in your sword, use the Cane of Pacci to get up the ledge at Eastern Hills. Find the fairy to upgrade your wallet.

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