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checked-no |11111| 100 lives |99966| Start with 3 hearts |&#KKN| Start |V1913| After Pugsley |B&J15| After Grandma |BD#K4| After Wednesday |BL91B| After Fester |BZXYC| 5 Hearts, Pugsley rescued |BDSXY| 72 Lives, Granny rescued |BLKX8| 72 Lives, 5 Hearts, only Morticia missing |B&1&B| 80 Lives, 5 Hearts, Granny & Pugsley rescued |71117| 100 Lives, 3 Hearts, Sword |W111W| 100 Lives, 4 Hearts, Sword |21112| 100 Lives, 5 Hearts, Sword |BLKX8| Final Door Open in the Music Room |BLS&P| Final Stage after entering Music Room =>Secret Door: Begin the game, enter the stairwell area and walk left. When you pass the last door on the left, press U to enter the hidden door leading to Pugsley's Den, filler with Power-Ups. =>Extra Lives: In the Lower Gallery, walk into the bear's mouth that does NOT produce small bears. =>Snappy Tune: During the opening screen, use [L] or [R] to make Thing snap his fingers. =>More 1-Ups: Once you lose all your lives and the "Continue Quit" screen appears, just walk off the screen to the left and grab four extra lives in the hidden room. If you wish to reach this room quickly while playing, just pause the game and press [SELECT], and choose to quit. =>Open Basement: If you enter the music room and wait for the music to stop, the passage to the basement will be unblocked. =>Power-Up: Watch the demo and press [START] when Gomez grabs an item to begin the game with that item. =>Pit Items: Jump into every "bottomless" pit you find... they all contain items.

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