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LIGHT TRAX (wiiware)

checked-no =>New Tours: To unlock the additional Light Tours, you'll first need to beat a light tour race. Once you do so, an exit to the next light tour will open up in Freeway Mode. Enter Freeway mode and drive until you reach the new Light Tour gate, then exit to unlock the new Light Tour. =>Hyperlight Tour: Once you've beaten all five standard Light Tours, you can compete in the Hyperlight Tour, which links all five together. =>Music Test/Credits: Complete Hyperlight Tours to add the BGM option to the pause menu and Staff Credits to the main menu. =>Cruise Mode: Earn a first place victory on every race track in either Tour or Race mode. =>Extra Freeway Checkpoints: After unlocking Hyperlight Tours, enter Freeway Mode and drive from the fifth area to the first area.

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