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checked-part =>Jet Packs: When you beat Mizar the first time, King Jeff will upgrade all of the team's armor and give them jet packs. When flying, use cD to hover in place. =>Cheats: Collect enough ant heads to get these cheats on the Options menu. * Rainbow Blood - 100 heads * Kid Mode - 200 heads * Ants into Pants - 300 heads (blue ants become Mr. Pants!) ** Oh, look for a Mr. Pants wall design near the end of Tawfret Castle. It doesn't do anything for you, but it's interesting. ->Cheat Mode: On the character select screen, press Rx3 and then use L to highlight and start the game with Lupus. When the level begins, press cRx3 cL cRx2 cUx3. Lupus will bark. Press A to cycle through items and weapons, and B to grab one. ->Secret Characters: Touch the hidden totem poles in the listed locations to make these characters available for use with the listed character. | Characters | Location |Use |Requires| |Yellow Ant |Goldwood |Vela | |Blue Ant |SS Anubis, Generator Room 2F | any | |Red Ant |Ichor Military Base |Juno | |Green Ant |Spawn Ship, Cargo Sewer | any | |Male Tribal |Sekhmet, Channel Area |Lupus|Magenta Key| |Female Tribal |Rith Essa, Mine |Lupus| Mine Key | |Zombie Termite|Tawfret, Treehut |Lupus| |Beetle Termite|Tawfret, Tomb |Vela | |Metal Termite |Sekhmet, above Spiral Walkway|Lupus| |Purple Termite|Mizar's Palace |Juno | |Cyborg Ant | Earn the Expert Award in all Floyd Missions| ->Bonuses & Multiplayer Stages: Grab totems, get awards, etc.. * King of the Hill: Totem in the Cerulean Holding Room. * Tunnels Stage: Use Vela to grab the totem in the Rith Essa Waterfalls. * Rith Essa Mines: Use the jetpack to nab the totem in the Walkway Station. * Space Station: Grab the totem in the Space Station Basement. * Goldwood Target Range: Get the gold Floyd award in Goldwood. * Rith Essa Target Range: Get the gold Floyd award in Eschebone. * Jeffy & Barry Arcade Racing: Get first place in J&B racing in the Ichor Arcade. * J&B Racing 2: Get first in J&B II in the Ichor Arcade. * Greenwood Racing: Get the high score on both J&B games in Ichor Arcade. * Mizar 3D Racing: Get first place in the Mizar races in the palace. =>Ammo Refill Trick: If you want to refill a gun, switch to it when picking up ammo from dead enemies. The ammo will automatically refill whatever gun you are holding. * Flame Thrower ammo: Gather Tribal lanterns; shoot Tribals carrying them. ->Multiplayer Invincibility Glitch: Stand in front of an Invincibility item and let yourself be killed so that you fall onto the icon. You will now have a shield around you until you press A; when you press A, the other players will be able to target or hit you. Grab another Invincibility item to return to normal. =>Change Character on Map: On the map screen, which becomes available after you beat Mizar, you can use the C buttons to choose your character. =>Destructive Notes: You can blast the lights in the Ichor Night Club. You can also kill fish by tossing cluster bombs or grenades in the pond. ->Key Locations: Juno's yellow key is in Goldwood, Outset in a box in the caves; the red key is given by Magnus. The blue key is in Sekhmet, Battle Cruiser in the lava pit via the pipe; the green key is in the jetpack room. The magenta key is in Eschebone, Thorax in the left intestine. * Vela's yellow key is in the Cerulean, Dune holding room. Red key given by the mole in the Sekhmet, Battle Cruiser; the green key is in the jetpack room. The blue key is underwater in the Eschebone, Thorax; the magenta key is there in the left intestine. * Lupus's yellow key is in the sewer pipe in the Spawn Ship, Troop Carrier; the red key is in the Cargo Sewer. The green key is in the Sekhmet, Battle Cruiser in the jetpack room. The magenta key is in the left intestine in the Eschebone, Thorax. ->Special Items: The fish food can be found on Goldwood. Inside the first clearing, containing King Jeff's hut, search the walls to find a tunnel hidden in the shadows. Enter the tunnel to find a pond and the fish food. * Ear Plugs: Get a Gold or Expert Floyd award in the SS Anubis Hold Area. * Pants: Look in the trees in Tawfret, Bridge. * Crowbar: Give the pants to Gimlet in Tawfret, Bridge. * Jeff & Berry 2 Arcade Chip: Get the gold Floyd award in Ichor Military Base. * Specialist Magazine: Inside the Eschebone, Cortex stage. * Mine Key: Give the magazine to Fernando in Rith Essa, Bluff. * Gold Bars: Look in the Celulean Dune while outdoors. ->Ship Parts: Here are locations and tips. * Power Cell: In the Water Ruins, give the ear plugs to the bear. * Oxygen Tank: Search the top of the Eschebone Cortex. * Stablizer: Talk to King Jeff after freeing all the tribals. * Juno's Hatch Key: Search the Lava Tunnel of the Spawnship. * Cargo Bay Key: Examine the water under the tree on Tawfret. * Deflector Shield: In the Rith Essa mine, become a Tribal and you'll get it from the mining chief. * Vela's Hatch Key: Get it in the Goldwood Lodge. * Radar Dish: At the Gem Quarry, fill the generator, then talk to Magnus. * Fin: Talk to the guy in the SS Anubis passage. * Lupus's Hatch Key: It's on Inchor. * Fuse: Get first place in the Mizar Palace Race. * Nitrogen Tank: Search the Underwater Ruins. ->Gemini Holder Locations: As if there weren't too many items as it is... * Juno's Gemini Containers: - On Goldwood, look on the staircase inside King Jeff's Hutt. - On Goldwood, look for a river before you exit Outset. Go down the left side of the river and go down a staircase. - In the S.S. Anubis, climb the crates in the very first room. - In the S.S. Anubis, search the room right before the cell block. Shoot some glass to get the holder. - On Tawfret, look for the first Life Force door in the bog. The holder will be to the left as you enter. - In Tawfret Castle, there is a holder in one of the wall alcoves near the boss. * Vela's Gemini Containers: - On Sehkmet, search the corners of the room with the machine gun. - On Sehkmet, search the room right after the one holding the green key. - On Cerulean, there is one in the room with Fishface. - On Cerulean, look for a room with some flying drones near it. Homing Missiles and a Gemini Holder are inside. - On Ichor, check the fourth room after the cyborg. - On Ichor, search the ramp in the room with the other cyborg. * Lupus's Gemini Holders: - In the Spawnship, nab the holder in the first room. - In the Spawnship lava room, go down the left staircase. - On Rith Essa, look for a waterfall in the second room and search the waterfall ledge. - On Rith Essa, grab the holder on top of Flopsy's dog house. - In Eschebone, search the third room containing flying droids bothering Tribals. Check the wall to the bottom right. - In the water room on Eschebone, grab the holder on top of the pillar. =>Howling Lupus: When on the ground, press the crawl button (either B or cD). As Lupus can't duck, he'll howl. ->Shotgun Flashlight: Power up the Plasma Shotgun and it acts like a light. =>Weapon Selection: You can select weapons using the PAD if you press [START] to pause the game, enter the weapons menu, and press Z. You will be able to assign up to four weapons to the PAD. Just press the direction you'd like the weapon to be on. =>Floyd Trick: Once you get Floyd, feel free to hide behind a rock and use CNTRL II to use Floyd to take out some of the bad guys. Press CNTRL II: [START] to activate Floyd and press [START] again to deactivate him. The only problem is that you can't move Floyd, just his crosshairs. ->Unlimited Invincibility in Multiplayer: Stand in front of an Invincibility icon and let yourself be killed so that you fall on the icon. You will be invincible until you press A.

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