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checked-no =>FAB-DOS Codes: Enter these at the FAB-DOS prompt to enable things. * Desktop Wallpaper |CCTV| Ivana |CHRISTMAS| Flowers & Evil |DOG| Swallow's Eye |HANDS| Driving |LOOK| Foxy Felicity |SPACE| Bust an O-ring |TEARS| Hands Up |TEETHING| Austin Steam |TWO OF US| Sausages |SPRINGER| Elvis lives |STEIN| Fembot Vanessa |SUPERVISOR| Fembot * Sound Effects |GET YOU| Evacuation 1 |IDIOT| Who is he |NO MOJO| Goo |JUMBO| Evacuation 2 |MAGPIE| Urination * Screen Saver |GRACE| Moving logo screen saver |CHRISTMAS| Flower/Evil * Secret Messages |SHAG| |SHAGADELIC| |HORNY| |RANDY| |BABY| =>Faster Austin: For a faster Austin in the Maze mini game, enter the code |SPEEDY| at the FAB-DOS prompt. =>Invincibility: To be invincible in the Platform game, enter |RAT POISON| at the FAB-DOS prompt.

Copyright 1994 - 2011 David Dayton
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