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checked-no |12|?Z?5671H?RF3| |13|12X2W13HWMFQ| |14|!2!7VV?B!313| |99|1V91327W?RCT| |02|X2612V?B!LK2| |28|X74673?VC7!L| |54|8VV0??CB?6HQ| |80|86V7!6!??2FS| |03|W45X736H?QJM| |29|8!64V!7?C2B7| |55|7WX1?2RVHL?2| |81|43VZ2WMBHQ14| |04|W38?66?C?6Z2| |30|2157!VVVG6HR| |56|7V10V2?C?2C2| |82|35XV7!CBBL1S| |05|V321WV2CV2ZR| |31|7?43V33?WRW2| |57|31357?MWBMDP| |83|55??27MGBAF4| |06|V241V??G?2F3| |32|6!34V6V??RWR| |58|20373VG!H614| |84|33W!76GCCRJN| |07|V261?32BVLDL| |33|713Z6!6?!LC2| |59|3!4927QVB21T| |85|4SZ?!?MHB209| |08|X34!?7!WHL13| |34|3?706!WB!QB6| |60|3?3672H!G3D8| |86|84?XW!HBG2XN| |09|0X?52!6!HQXM| |35|6!2W732W?MCR| |61|6625VWMVB2JS| |87|54X0!2RGH3KS| |10|VWZ66V!!HMJ6| |36|6!3027!!?3!6| |62|8953V!C??Q05| |88|93XXV6BGC2FS| |11|0Z04776?HQDL| |37|7?4?!?7??2H3| |63|9934!6R?!R1N| |89|45563?2WG2X8| |12|0V!262?G?LD7| |38|5Z7XVW??!6BM| |64|6754!3B??LF8| |90|72543?WWC3D9| |13|13X3V?2WH307| |39|4Z8XV6MHCM?2| |65|675!3?L?WRJN| |91|9S77766WB6FS| |14|04W2?V?VC7ZR| |40|603?!2CHGR?R| |66|99307?CW?6X8| |92|639833!WWMX8| |15|1207W22!G6F3| |41|X4W53WMBCRH3| |67|266Z627?CQ1S| |93|?V96?!3?VLZT| |16|?5W5?3?!G3FQ| |42|W2X52!BGGQCR| |68|374W76W!GLD9| |94|!V27V??!WRJ8| |17|?4ZW7?6??LX6| |43|Z5W366MGG3!6| |69|377!WV3!BMF5| |95|X!63?72V?6V8| |18|05X07!?VWM0L| |44|XSZ263HHB3VL| |70|589?V?WG209P| |96|Z?43?6?V!6!P| |19|15W0373V!QF3| |45|61Z7WV3BVLBM| |71|5780?52WG70P| |97|V0312!2VV3H4| |20|?30177WVWRKR| |46|9Z?3VWGGG2GL| |72|876WV7VWC3FS| |98|0!2W3WCGGL!8| |21|X8?WWW2W?2?3| |47|5XX8?2MB!QV7| |73|80W22W7W!LZ5| |99|105V333WC7CT| |22|?4X1!VW?!61Q| |48|7XZ3V3BCWQWQ| |74|7?X32!VV!RXN| |23|Z6XVW27CV7B7| |49|6XVX3!LGVRB6| |75|91?9323W?RJ8| |24|V8WZ?6?GW2CQ| |50|9X0X7VGC?MCR| |76|7?X363?V!RDP| |25|W6873V6?GM?3| |51|6X?127MHV7V7| |77|69Z8VV3V!214| |26|Z9793?V!CR?Q| |52|6XW132CH!3?R| |78|9704!VVVCMF4| |27|W942773WBRC3| |53|9V11?WMBW3H3| |79|3413V63?W3D9| =>Two Player Battle Mode: Enter the password |XX32676R!QJ7|. =>Alternate Two Player Mode: If you start a one player game, lose, let the CONTINUE timer run out, then start a Two Player Mode C game, you will find yourself playing through the normal single player levels and bosses using two players. =>Alternate Single Player Mode: Play a Two Player Mode C game and let one player lose, but make sure not to continue. After the CONTINUE timer runs out, enter a password and you will find yourself playing the one player game with two scout ships on the screen, representing players one and two. Also, when fighting the Super Doh boss, repeatedly press [START] to make the screen scramble and the game will switch to the two player battle mode music.

Copyright 1994 - 2011 David Dayton
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