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ARCANA (snes)

checked-no =>Sound Room: On the title screen, hold [L]+[R]+B and push [START]. =>Energy Refill Tip: In a dungeon, find a location that previously held a treasure chest, stand there and spin in circles until the spirit energy is refilled. Enter a battle and have the Fire Spirit cast HP Restore, healing the humans. Repeat as necessary. =>Spirit Energy: Keep moving left and right to rebuild your spirit's power. =>Chapter Select: On the title screen, press D [SELECT]x2 X Y [SELECT]x2 [L] [R] [SELECT]x2 L R U, then press the appropriate button from the list. However, using this code will only advance the chapter and your status levels; it will not give you the items you may need to beat those areas! A - Stage 2 B - Stage 3 X - Stage 4 Y - Stage 5

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