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ALIEN 3 (snes)

checked-no |02|QUESTION| |04|MOTORWAY| | 06|SQUIRREL| |03|MASTERED| |05|CABINETS| |End|OVERGAME| =>Special Options: Begin playing the game, then press CNTRL II: A+B+Y+X CNTRL I: A and a number will appear in the top left corner of the screen. Reenter the code on CNTRL II, then press A, B, or X to increase the number by 1, 2, or 4. If you try to increase the number past 7, you will end up subtracting from it. Add the same number and you will exit the cheat mode. Repeat this process to activate the desired cheat option. 1 - Invincibility 4 - Unlimited Weapons 2 - No Damage 5 - Unlimited Weapons + Invincibility 3 - Invincibility 6 - Unlimited Weapons + No Damage

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