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checked-no =>Rewards: Earn the points specified to get a special reward for the stage listed. Earn the required score and grab all the 007 icons to earn the Platinum award as well, thus earning the Multiplayer reward. | | Score | Gold Reward | Platinum Reward | |01| 50,000|Golden Gun |MP Map, Rocket Manor | |02| 50,000|Golden CH-6 |MP Mode, Golden Gun | |03| 70,000|Unlim. Missiles|MP Model, Stealth Bond | |04| 70,000|Golden Accuracy|MP Power, Gravity Boots | |05| 90,000|Golden Clip |MP Model, Guard | |06| 90,000|Golden Grenades|MP Weapon, Viper | |07|100,000|Lotus Esprit |MP Model, Alpine Guard | |08|100,000|Rapid Fire |MP Weapon, Calypso | |09|110,000|Golden Armor |MP Modifier, Full Arsenal | |10|120,000|Golden Bullets |MP Model, Cyclops Oil Guard| |11|130,000|Regen. Armor |MP Model, Poseidon Guard | |12|130,000|Unlim. Ammo |MP Model, Carrier Guard | =>Bond Movies: To view a special Bond film, earn at least a Bronze medal in all the levels and complete level 12.

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