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checked-no =>Stage Select: Press PAD: U cD L cR D cU R cL [L] [R] Z during the intro. =>Mao Mao as Pilot: On the title screen, with the logo and PRESS START, press cL cD cR cU cL cR cD. Go to a plane select screen and you will see an F-15 with Mao Mao on the far left. =>Bonus Missions & Spanky: To play as Spanky, you must complete all four bonus missions... * To reach "Air Docking" you need a very high score. * To reach "Shuttle Defense" complete all the levels before "Desert" very quickly. * To reach "Goliath Defense" beat the first two bonus levels. * To reach the elusive "Space" bonus level, you must beat all the previous levels (both the regular and the hidden ones previously mentioned) prior to the Ice Cave; beat the Ice Cave and reach Space. =>Color Select: While selecting your plane, press [R] to change the color. =>F-14 Firepower Trick: While flying in an F-14, use your special weapon, then a missile, and finally a chaff... five Tomahawks and four heat-seekers will be launched. =>Bonus Jets: Every time you beat one of the six stages, you earn a new jet. Beat them all for all six. =>Ice Cave Shortcut: Fly down the cave until it widens, then turn around, and fly back... pass through the grey bars and keep going until you reach the boss. =>Unlimited Continues: As long as you have at least one continue left, you can continue an unlimited number of times. Just press RESET before you use the continue and then continue your game on the main menu. Your continues will never decrease this way.

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