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checked-no =>Neo Tanks: To earn the Neo Tanks in Campaign Mode, you must find the hidden Lab map in the campaign, then use that map to access and complete a bonus mission. This must be done with each army. * Orange Star: In Flak Attack, in the city north of your headquarters. In Hard Mode: In Andy's Time, hidden in the neutral city two blocks above the western mini-cannon. * Blue Moon: In Toy Box, in the bottom left neutral city. * Yellow Comet: In Show Stopper, in the bottom left neutral city. * Green Earth: In Sinking Feeling, in the bottom city on the western island. =>Gold Menus: When you complete most or all of the tasks in one of the options in the main menu, that option will become a flashing golden color. Here are the requirements. * Campaign: Beat every mission in Normal and Hard modes with an overall S-Rank. * Battle Maps: Buy everything. * Design Room: Buy all the Commander Color Edits. * War Room: Earn an S-Rank in all the missions. * Versus: Play all the maps in Versus mode. =>Extra Commanders: Most commanders will be made available for purchase in the Battle Maps store after you complete their Campaign mode game. * Nell, Lash, Adder & Hawke: Complete the Normal campaign. * Hachi: Complete the Hard campagin and buy everything from him. * Olaf & Grit: Complete the Blue Moon campaign. * Colin: Complete Blue Moon campaign and buy Olaf or Grit. * Kanbei & Sonja: Complete the Yellow Comet campaign. * Sensei: Complete the Yellow Comet campaign and buy Kanbei or Sonja. * Eagle & Drake: Complete the Green Earth campaign. * Jess: Complete the Green Earth campaign and buy Eagle or Drake. * Sturm: Complete the Normal or Hard campaign with an overall S-Rank. =>Sound Test: This will be available for purchase once you complete the Normal campaign.

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