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checked-part ->Advance Campaign: Once you complete the Campaign mode, you can buy the Advance Campaign option in the Battle Maps store. When you own it, you can begin a special Advance Campaign by holding [SELECT] when starting a new campaign; this makes the words Advance Campaign appear in the top left corner of the screen. Please note that the Advance Campaign is tougher than the standard one, but you will rewarded with more coins after each mission. ->Extra Rivals Mission: Use Sami as your commander and complete the missions "Captain Drake", "Naval Clash", "Wings of Victory", and "Battle Mystery". After you complete the "Final Battle" mission, you will be faced with the bonus mission, "Rivals". ->Sonja's Missions: Complete the Kanbei missions within a certain time frame and Sonja's missions will be enabled. Complete "Kanbei Arrives" in 8 or fewer days, "Mighty Kanbei" in 10 days, and "Kanbei's Error" in 12 days. If you do this, a special branch in the story appears and Sonja's missions are available. More details are listed below in the Extra Commanders code. ->Extra Commanders: Once you complete the Campaign Mode, you can earn additional commanders. Olaf is awarded to you free when you complete the Campaign Mode, but each of the remaining commanders must be purchased for 50 coins in the Battle Maps store. However, these commanders are only available in the Battle Maps room once certain conditions have been met. . Olaf: Just finish the Campaign Mode. . Kanbei: Complete Campaign mode and purchase. . Grit: Use Max to beat Mission 4. . Eagle: Use Sami in missions 15-18, then use Sami to complete special mission 22. . Drake: Use Andy in missions 15-18. . Sonja: Beat mission 9 using 8 days or fewer, mission 10 in 10 days, mission 11 in 12 days, then complete secret missions 12-14. . Sturm: Once you've earned all of the previous commanders, Sturm is available for purchase. =>Nintendo Map: On the main menu, highlight Design Maps. Hold [L]+[R] as you enter Design Maps mode. The default map will feature the word "Nintendo" written in Kanji mountains.

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