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  • Welcome to my Nintendo Code Book. I've been compiling this list of codes, tips, tricks, cheats, glitches, and undocumented features for more than ten years now, and I hope you'll find this to be a useful collection. I retain the copyright to all material found within.

    Feel free to link to this site! If you'd like to link to individual game entry pages, feel free to do so, but I'd love to get an e-mail from you letting me know about your use.

    -- David (e-mail me at DavidDayton at potchgult dot com.)

    Other Materials...

  • Final version of the SNES Cheats and Spoilers List. The Code Book effectively replaces it.
  • Special -- Download my Super Mario Bros. PLUS! Theme pack... (570 kb)
  • Download a Yamp Game Boy Pocket Design (ZIP file, 36 kb)

  • Copyright 2009 David Dayton.

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