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checked-no =>Easy Second Quest: Beat the game and start a new game from your saved file. You will begin the game with Link knowing all the spells and at his experience level from the game you had just completed. =>Fast Experience: If you have at least one character on the cartridge that has beaten the game, you can quickly fill up a new player's experience. Once your old character starts a "new" game, he begins with all his experience. When this old character completes a castle, press CNTRL I: [START] as soon as the experience points begin to count up. Hold CNTRL II: U and press A. SAVE the game. Go to the main menu and begin a new game from an empty game slot. As soon as his game starts, he will earn all the experience points that the old character was going to earn! * Actually, you can choose any game slot. The Link in that game will earn the experience as soon as you start. =>Kill Boss: To easily defeat the final boss of the game, stand on the left edge of the screen, bob up and down, and press B rapidly and repeatedly. =>Quit Game: Press CNTRL I: [START], hold CNTRL II: U and press A. =>Elevator Secrets: Some of the palace elevators will travel through a few rooms before reaching their destination. Whenever you find a screen with no exits (just the elevator going up through the center), stop in the middle of the screen and try walking off to the right or left. In many places you will walk right through the walls into a secret room! =>Weird Warp: In a palace, find a room with falling blocks that would normally build a wall filling up the entire screen. Somehow climb to the very top of the brick wall, use FAIRY to become a fairy, then press U. You will be transported to the first palace. =>Weird Warp Morph: In Darunia, climb onto one of the tall buildings, jump, then turn into a fairy while you are off-screen. Move right or left, and you will appear in a strange version of the town, with different colors and dialogue from other parts of the game. If you exit on the right, you will end up in the middle of the ocean - DON'T do it. While this trick is interesting but useless, try entering the red/orange building several times. Eventually the ground will disappear, and you will fall through several floors - rumor has it that this will also effect all the other action sequences of the game, and might even ruin your saved game, so be careful! I have wondered whether this trick could be pulled off in other game areas, giving you handy warps... =>Extra Magic: In front of every palace (excluding the first one) is a statue which holds either a red magic bottle or an enemy. Hit it in the head - if and enemy appears, run off the screen and come back on, then try it again. =>Red Bottle: If you grab a red bottle, your magic meter will fill up slowly. If you use a spell as it is refilling, you will consume the magic you had before the refill and enough of the refill necessary to complete the spell! This means that you save magic in the long run. =>Fairy Key: While you are in fairy form, Link can fly through the keyholes of locked doors. =>Locations of Heart and Magic Containers: * Heart: 1) Go south along the coast below Parapa Castle (#1) until you reach a small block of trees; 2) Go south on the road past Rauru Town and into the first cave to the east; 3) A bit North of the Sea Palace, and in the water, is another heart container; 4) On the coast directly east of the 3-Eye rock palace. * Magic: 1) Directly southwest across the lake surrounding the North Palace (the start) in a cave; 2) In the Death Mountain area (huge screen of caves), go south to the Spectacle Rock. The pit beside it contains the hammer; 3) On the giant Maze Island there is 1 container in one of the far left passages; 4) An old woman in New Kasuto Town.

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