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checked-no =>Star Mode: Complete the game and your save game will have a star next to it. Star a new star mode game and you'll find different DAS cards, along with a slightly altered ending. =>Secret Message: Complete a Star mode game and make sure to get the ending where D leaves the island. You should receive a special message/puzzle after the credits. =>Endings: There are two different endings in the game. To get the best ending, you'll need to help D recall of his memories as you play through the game, then make sure to touch his hand near the end of the game. If you do, he'll be able to leave the island. If not, he'll stay on it. =>Special Books (US Version): There are two hidden books in the U.S. version of this game. You can only read their titles if you examine them -before- picking up the N and E books. * In the Silver Bird room, examine the third book from the left on the N book shelf and you'll find a Zelda reference. * In the Gold Bird room, examine the far left book on the E book shelf. The title is a reference to the GameCube Fire Emblem game.

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