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checked-no |C82C2| Fester Rescued, 2 hearts |262M?| Gomez Rescued, 4 hearts |982F2| Fester Rescued, 3 hearts |262M?| Gomez Rescued, 5 hearts |182M-| Fester Rescued, 4 hearts |6R2KK| Granny Rescued, 5 hearts |282M1| Wednesday Rescued, 4 hearts =>After saving Granny, you can enter the middle door on the mansion's first floor and enter the final level of the game. =>Extra Lives: 50,000 points yield an extra life. In the bathroom, find a cat that spits fish bones and stomp the bones. Keep stomping and bouncing until you start earning 1600 per bone, and keep bouncing to slowly earn extra lives. =>Bug: In some levels (such as the bathroom and lab), pressing [SELECT] sometimes causes the game to reset.

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