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ART OF FIGHTING 2 (vc-neo)

checked-no =>Fight Geese, the Hidden Boss: If you make it through the entire game and beat Mr. Big without ever having lost even a single round of a match, you'll face the hidden boss Geese. =>Art of Fighting Data Import: On the Neo Geo home system, it was possible to load a save file from the original Art of Fighting. If the AoF save was for a game in which all three bonus games had been completed, then it would import additional features/power in Art of Fighting 2. At the moment, it isn't clear that this is possible on the Virtual Console release if you have both AoF and AoF2. =>Reveal King and Yuri's Femininity: If you beat either of these characters and use a special attack as your final attack, their clothing will tear to expose them as women.

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