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checked-no |1 Attack |LNLGRMM| |7 Thick |STPDMN| |13 Sandbox |HTKTTN| |2 Spy Blue|TRGHTR | |8 Snow |BLZZRD| |14 Kitchen |PTSPNS| |3 Bathroom|TDBWL | |9 Shrap |SRFPNK| |15 LivingRoom |HXMSTR| |4 Riff |MSTRMN | |10 Ft Plastro|GNRLMN| |16|The Way Home|VRCLN | |5 Forest |TLLTRS | |11 Scorch |HTTTRT| |6 Hoover |SCRDCT | |12 Showdown |ZBTSRL| |DRVLLVSMM| Small players |NSRLS| All weapons |THDTST| Debug Mode |MMLVSRM| Max ammo |VRCLN| All characters in multiplayer |PLSTRLVSVG| Play as Gen. Plastro |GRNGRLRX| Play as Vikki |TNSLDRS| Play as Tin Soldier |PLYHVR| Play as Hoover =>Cycle Through Guns Backwards: Hold Z and press B. =>Light Candles: In the living room, climb on top of the couch and approach the ruler. You can use your flame thrower or mortar to light the candles. =>Restart Level: Hold [L]+[R]+cD. =>Kill the Commander: You can kill your commander on the obstacle course or live fire ranger. You can also attack Vikki in Boot Camp, but that will cause the MP's to get you.

Copyright 1994 - 2011 David Dayton
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