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checked-no |02|PNTNNP| |05|DQRFKW| |08|VKPDMX| |11|NWVCHJ| |Hive2|NGQDCZ| |03|NGMLQP| |06|PSQQLW| |09|SDKNSX| |Hive3|VRGBNZ| |04|SPLGZW| |07|NBGJVX| |10|PVBWGJ| |Hive1|PNRVBPZ| |Hive4|SVPQQZ| =>Cheat Codes: Pause the game and enter these codes on the Cheats menu. Please note that only one multiplayer character code may be used at a time. |SONIC| Turbo run mode |SKETCHY| Wire frame mode |SKIPPY| Stage select |LOADED| All weapons |GOLDENPIE| All cheats |GODLY| God mode |SORTED| Unlimited ammo |SONIC| Turbo running |UGLY| Hive Fodder in multiplayer |LEGGY| Hive Guard in multiplayer |CLAW| Egypt Fodder character in multi |GODDESS| Female trooper in multi |RUBBER| Volcano Guard in multi

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