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checked-no Y = Yakko W = Wakko D = Dot R = Ralph (guard) P = Pinky B = Brain N = Nurse C = The CEO |RRBC WPDY DNBD| Studio |NNBR DBYD YCCW| ... and Aquatic |BDBD RNWD YCPW| S & Sci-Fi |PDNP CWRB NBBY| ... & Adventure |RWPN YPDW DNYD| " & Fantasy |CYWD RPBN CYYR| All levels & all of script =>Endings: There are three endings, depending on whether you get less than 10 pages of the script, more than 10, or all 24 pages. =>Small Secret: Start the game and break the plant behind the CEO to open up a secret coin room. =>Custom Password: To create a custom password, begin a game and die without doing anything. Write down your password (there are 8 of these passwords, one of them is |YWDR PBNC YWDR|) You will use this "empty" password as a base to create your custom one. To edit a password, follow the chart below, "adding" the specified value to each character in the chart. If you are told to "add" 3 to a Dot character, you would change Dot to Brain. Adding 4 to the Nurse would give you Dot (the cycle starts over; that is, go from the CEO back to Yakko). Whatever you add to a character in the code must also be added to C3. D3 will never change. Columns are numbered from A-D, rows from 1-3. Thus, the top left corner of the code grid is A1, the bottom right is D3. In the "empty" password given above, A1 would be Yakko, and D3 would be Ralph. Stage Completion: Intro: B1+1 Aquatic: A1+1 Fantasy: B1+4 Sci-Fi: B1+2 Adventure: A1+2 Pinky/Brain: A1+4 Script Pages: Aquatic: C2+2, C2+4, B2+2, B2+4, B2+1, C2+1 Fantasy: A2+4, A2+2, D1+1, A2+1 Sci-Fi : D1+2, C1+1, D1+4, C1+2, C1+4 Adventure: A3+1, A3+2, A3+4, D2+4, D2+1, D2+2 Pinky/Brain: B3+2, B3+4, B3+1 For a perfect ending, take an empty code, subtract 1 from all characters except C3 and D3, add 2 to C3, and play the game.

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