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checked-part ->NES Game Tips: Wario's Woods and Baseball can only be found on the GBA Island. * Clu Clu Land D: On the title screen, hold CNTRL II: A+B+R and CNTRL I: A+B and press CNTRL I: START to begin the game with 9 lives. =>NES Controls: When playing an NES game, [R]+[L]+[START] acts as the RESET button on the NES. Y is [START], X and Z are [SELECT]. Hold [R]+[L] and press Z to save and quit the NES game. =>Change Menu Background: You can change the pattern of the main background menu into the pattern of any shirt. Enter your item menu, grab any t-shirt, then move the cursor to the bottom right item in the inventory and move down once more. The cursor will be hovering over the background image. Drop the t-shirt and the background of the menu will become that t-shirt pattern, while your old menu background will appear in your inventory as a t-shirt. =>Reaching the GBA Island: If you have a Game Boy Advance, you can visit a small island by sailing from the pier on the beach. If the GBA-GC link cable is connected and your GBA is turned on when you enter the screen containing the pier,a boat will be waiting. =>GBA Island: If you "save a record" of your island to the GBA when you return to the town, you can play with the islander on the GBA and receive special items. Leave a shovel, net, or fishing pole on the island and the islander will be able to use it to get special items. Many of these items are rare, and some (like Wario's Woods and Baseball) can only be found on the island. * Happy Islander: Feed the islander fruit to get her happy. After you feed her enough fruit, she will become "super happy" and begin to drop money bags each time you feed her. * Fishing: Get your islander super happy, then have her pick up the pole and guide her to the edges of the island. She will randomly fish in the ocean, pulling up items, sea life, or trash. If she gets an item, click on her to make her drop the pole, then feed her a piece of fruit. She will drop the item for you. (If she doesn't drop the item, feed her until she does). If she gets a piece of trash, she will become very unhappy. This means she will require much more fruit before she gives up an item. * Net: Every few minutes, a mystery gift on a balloon will float over the island. Get the islander to pick up the net, then get them near the item and click on it to make the islander grab it with their net. To get the item from the islander, have them drop the net, then give them fruit until they become super happy and drop the item. * Shovel: This is the cheapest and fastest method of finding rare items. On the GameCube island, bury several items on the island, and be sure to leave the shovel (although the Golden Shovel will give you better items). On the GBA island, feed the islander fruit until they are super happy, then have them take the shovel and dig up your items. The islander will replace each item with a different one. Return to the island on the GameCube to collect them. =>Golden Shovel: Find a glowing patch of ground, dig up the money, then bury a shovel in the glowing hole. A tree will sprout. When the tree matures, it will grow a golden shovel. ->Golden Fishing Pole: Donate one of each kind of fish to the museum. ->Golden Net: Donate one of each kind of insect to the museum. ->Golden Axe: If you keep your town in Perfect condition for two weeks, you will be given a Golden Axe. Check with the Well to see how your town is. =>Money from Rocks: Each day, one stone in your town will be holding some money. If you hit that stone with your shovel, money will pop out. Hit it repeatedly to make more cash appear. The only way to find the stone is to try all the ones in the village. =>K.K. Slider Tunes: Each Saturday night, the singing dog Totakeke will be in the village square. Talk to him and you will be able to get a song. He will give you a different song each night, although you can request any of his tunes by name. * Hidden Songs: Totakeke has some hidden songs as well. These songs can only be heard if you request them by name. Try "K.K. Song", "Two Days Ago" and "I Love You". * Mr. Resetti Cameo: If you talk to K.K. at 8:45 PM exactly, you will see Mr. Resetti flying around in the background during the song. =>Money Tree: If you find a glowing spot in the ground, dig it up. If you plant money in that glowing spot, it will grow into a money tree. =>Visitors: During the year, various visitors will arrive in town. These visitors will reward you will special items if you fulfill certain requirements. * Halloween/Jack: On Halloween, in the evening, most villagers will be dressed up in a Jack-O-Lantern costume. Carry around some candy and search for a person who doesn't chase you. That person will be Jack. Talk to him and give him some candy, and he'll give you Spooky furniture. Find him again and repeat. * Thanksgiving/Franklin: On Thanksgiving, look around town for a turkey hiding behind objects. Talk to him and give him the silverware from the table. Repeat until you start getting the Harvest items. * Christmas Eve/Jingle: In the evening, look for this reindeer and talk to him, then go away and find him again. Talk to him a total of five times and you might get some Jingle furniture. If he refuses to give you any, try changing your shirt. =>Item Codes: Tell one of these to Nook to get the item listed. |4UF6T948GZ3ZW3 dw#%jtLEqj5ZBf| Starman =>Glitchy Item Codes: Go to Tom Nook and say one of these codes to him to try to get the item. These codes are glitches, though, and you might need to reenter the code a few times before it works. There is also the slight chance your game may freeze. * Mario Items: |Ni9xES@sTRJhAA sh09cb#9UaKHB4| ? Block |IRSMDqYokR685s &%LO&kwcRCmqi3| Cannon (Bullet Bill) |Ai9GES@sTRJsYz sh09cb39UaKHL4| Coin |Di9xES@sTRJsAA sqO9cb39Vak#84| Flagpole |Bi9xES@sTRJsAA shO9cb#9UaKHs4| Koopa Shell |SiMGES@sTRJsYY sh09cb39Vak#I4| Super Mushroom |666abcdn66efgH DyGabcd6B6efgH| Block Flooring |1kT1D0Y4k36851 84L613wcRCmqir| Fire Flower * NES Games: |CbDahLBdaDh98d 9ub8ExzZKwu7Zl| Balloon Fight |Crm%h4BNRyu98d 9uu8exzZKwu7Zl| Clu Clu Land |bA5PC%8JUjE5fj ljcGr4%ync5EUp| DK Jr. Math |2n5@N%8JUjE5fj ljcGr4%ync5EUp| Donkey Kong |3%Q4fhMTRByAY3 05yYAK9zNHxLd7| Excite Bike |Crm%h4BNRbu98d 9un8exzZKwo7Zl| Golf |jePccCvLTRJoBA pcddkwe9ej9rO4| Tennis

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