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checked-no |BCHBLKTPTY| Beach Ball Mode |WTOTL| Blackout Mode - No stadium/turf |MYEYES| Fog Mode |WLDWLDWST| Ball Trails |FLYAWAY| Fly Back to Dugout |TOMTHUMB| Tiny Players |LTMTBTTR| Lots of Homeruns =>Green Monster: When playing at Fenway Park, hit five home runs over the big green wall and you will become a gigantic green man. =>Lizards: In an exhibition game at Coors Field, hit the Lizards sign in the outfield to turn your team into lizards. =>Warehouse: At Camden Yards, when you step up to bat and the music begins to play, press [R]x2 [L]x2 U D U D. Move the ball to the bottom of the aid and press A. =>Easy Strike: Select a pitcher with a quick dropping pitch, such as a curve or spitball. Move the aiming cursor to the top of the screen, and pitch so that the ball drops to the bottom corner of the strike zone. The batter should ignore or miss it. * Super Fastball: In an Exhibition Arcade mode game, choose the fastball, pitch, and while it is flight hold A+cD and the CPU player should usually miss it. =>Run: Use Z to run faster.

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