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checked-part |GOTHELIUM | Big heads, feet, and bats |PRPPAPLYR| Paper players |GRTBLSFDST| Ball smoke trails on |BBNSTRDS | Giant Ball |ATEMYBUIK | Choose Alienopolis stadium, and the second team will be Aliens ->|ABBTNCSTLO| Thin and Fat Players ->|BRKNBAT | Increased number of broken bats ->|BEST | AL and NL All-Stars ->Stats Bug: In the season mode, the game may occasionally destroy your player stats. If this happens, just load the season saved data twice, and your stats should be normal -- just don't save with bad stats! =>Dancing Homer: When the enemy team scores a run, walk your player up to home plate and you'll see the victorious player dancing... Macarena or YMCA. =>Easy First: Hold cD and aim for third base to do a low bunt that will almost always make you safely to first... or the other guy to second. ->Camera Freeze: Turn on the manual camera and you can freeze the game by pressing PAD: U. ->View Credits: On the title screen, press [R] A Z [R] cR A B to put a credits option on the menu. ->Hidden Messages: On the title screen, press cU [R] B B. ->Faster Running: When running between bases, try pressing Z rapidly to advance quicker or [R] to return more quickly. ->Computer Bunt: If the computer attempts to bunt but misses, he will almost always attempt to bunt on the next pitch. For that pitch, use B to toss the pass far outside his hit area... he'll earn a strike. ->Backwards Batter: Pause and replace the batter with a different one that bats with the same hand. Return to the game for a moment, just long enough to see the new batter, then return to the line-up screen and replace this batter with one that bats with the opposite hand. ->Weird Catcher: Begin a game and change it to a Computer vs. Computer game. When the game begins, press PAD: D and the game will freeze. Press [START] and restart the game. Move the camera and you will see that the catcher is long, with a glove on each hand. Press PAD: L to restart the game. ->Quick Recovery: Put the injured player back into the minors, then bring him back to your team. He will no longer be injured. ->Lizard Team: In Kaufmann Stadium, if the ball hits one of the "Win a Lizard" signs, the team will become lizards. ->More Pitches: Start an arcade mode game and hold Z while pitching. ->Tiny Home Run Derby: Keep a roster slot open on your team; that slot will say "Empty" instead of a player's name. Enter the Home Run Derby and choose Empty. A tiny, invisible player will slowly walk to the plate.

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