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checked-no =>Continue: Hold U and press <2>x8. This will consume $400, so if you didn't have that much when you died, you'll be unable to continue. =>Rock/Paper/Scissors List: If you choose the following, you should be able to beat all the bosses without a problem. However, if you deviate from the list at any point, the battle orders will change and the list will be useless. 1) Rock, Scissors; 2) Scissors, Paper; 3) Rock, Scissors; 4) Paper, Paper; 5) Rock, Rock; 6) Rock, Scissors; 7) Paper, Paper. =>Hidden Lake Area: In the Lake Fathom area, kill the first octopus you meet. You can do this by either punching away all the tentacles or punching his face. Once he's dead, center Alex on the grey chest and press Dx2. You'll warp to an underground lake on the southernmost island. =>Multiple Janken Battles: After defeating Janken, you'd normally climb a ladder to the next screen. If you immediately climb back down the ladder, you will be able to battle Janken again for another 10,000 points. This can be repeated as often as you like. =>Bonus Item at Cragg Lake: Walk over the floor times in the order Sun, Waves, Moon, Star, Sun, Moon, Waves, Fish, Star, Fish.

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