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ALADDIN (snes)

checked-no G = Genie A = Aladdin P = Princess S = Sultan M = Abu J = JaFar |GMAS| 1 The Cave of Wonders |PJSP| 5 "A Whole New World" |JMPG| 2 Escape from the Cave of Wonders |JPAJ| 6 Jafar's Palace |GJAM| 3 Inside the Genie's Lamp |APMS| 7 Final Battle |MAGP| 4 The Pyramid =>Stage Select: Before beginning the game, enter the Options menu and quickly press CNTRL II: [L] [R] [START] [SELECT] X Y A B. A chime will sound. Now, return to the Main Menu, where a stage number will appear over the START option. Hold CNTRL I: [L]+[R] and press U and D to choose the stage, or use L and R to choose the section. =>Bonus Trick: Tap B when the Genie blinks and you will usually nab some extra lives on the roulette table at the end of each level. Also, during the magic carpet and Princess Jasmine bonus sequence, tap B when the Genie blinks. =>Special Ending: Get at least 70 red gems for the special ending.

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