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checked-no |SKELETON| All Keys |JUSTINBAILEY| Perfect Handplants |BAKABAKA| Infinite Juice |QUEZDONTSLEEP| Perfect Manuals |BIGUPYASELF| Perfect Grind mode |KHUFU| Invincibility =>Low Gravity Wallrides: On the Cheat Menu, press U D U D L R L R A B A B [START]. =>All Stages/Stats/Ed.Extras: On the Cheat screen, press PAD: U U D D L R L R B A B A. =>Extra Skaters: Once you complete the normal and the hidden challenges in a stage, you will enable an extra skater. The Movie Lot enables The Bride, Civic Center gives you Goddess, Industrial provides Junkie, the Boardwalk unlocks Captain, Cannery reveals Diver, Airfield has Diver, and the Museum hold the Mummy. =>Extra Skaters Code: Go to the Cheats screen and press D R R D L D L D Rx3. All the skaters should now be available. =>View Movies: Complete all of a stage's normal challenges to view the film clip for that level. =>Earn Cheat Codes: Collect all the juice boxes in a stage to receive a cheat code. =>Extra Skates: Complete all of a stage's challenges to earn the Power skates. You earn points as you use them. * Ultra Skates: Complete all the objectives and hidden objectives in all the stages to earn the Ultra Skates, which will add a stat point to every attribute.

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