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checked-no =>All Vehicles/Tracks: Hold CNTRL II: [L]+[R]+Z as you turn on the system and keep them held down. Press PAD II: U+cD when PUSH START flashes on the screen, then press CNTRL I: [START] before the title screen vanishes. =>Bonus Vehicles: * N64 Controller Car: Finish the time attack mode with a time ending with .064 seconds. * Prowler: Use the Hornet to get 1st place in Expert mode. * Vengeance: Beat the game in 1st on expert with the Avenger. * Reaper: Beat the game in 1st on expert with the Shredder. * Dominator: Beat the game using the Black Lightning on expert. =>Turbo Start: Hold A+B until the announcer says "Go," then release B. =>Neo Speedway: Beat Grand Prix at intermediate, earning 1st on each course to get the Neo Speedway available. =>China Town: Earn 1st place on all expert Grand Prix tracks for the China Town Jam Track. =>Turbo Boost: During the race, hold A, then drift hard left or right while holding Z. Release both buttons for a burst. =>Color Change: On the selection screen, press [R]. =>Bikini Beach Secret: At the end of Bikini Beach, fly into the waterfall to get an energy recharge in the recovery tube. =>Starting Boost: Hold A+B and release A when the announcer says "Go!" =>Credits Tip: Hold [START] to zoom through the credits.

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