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ACTRAISER 2 (snes)

checked-no |XZKC XBZM WTHC| Benefic |MFLH MFDS MXPS| Almetha |JCLD XYTX TMCT| Tortoise Island |MFMJ PLBW LPCX| Palace 1 |MLWK BPZW YJCW| Altheria |MFMJ TTLK FPTP| Palace 2 |MMFH MBKC FFTL| Modero |MFMJ TWSY HMTF| Gratis |MSCY HKHD ZFHC| Demon's Cave |MFXT SHJT CYTP| Stormrook |MFLT CMSP XWFZ| Deathfield |MFCY BPXF DWKL| Tower of Souls |MFCL SYMC MSXF| End of Game - Death Heim |MFMJ TVSY FVPX| End of game, 38 lives |MTkM SkTk HNSH| View Credits |Xxxx Yyyy Zzzz| Fight Boss from Actraiser 1 |BJQX YRKC DLSZ| Play Demo - Set difficulty to HARD and enter this password

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