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checked-part ->Game Ending Scores: Several games can be beaten if you score the maximum possible score. . Chopper Command: Score 990,000 points to end the game. . H.E.R.O.: Score one million points and the score will change to !!!!!, ending the game. . Keystone Kapers: Score 999,999 points and the score will become all white hats. Score once moe and the game ends. . Laser Blast: Score one million points and the score will change to !!!!!, ending the game. =>Activision Decathalon: Running Trick - If you are playing on a GameCube, it's possible to hold STICK: L and rapidly press PAD: R in order to run, instead of rapidly flipping the STICK back and forth. ->Kaboom!: Score 10,000 points to "surprise" the Mad Bomber and change his facial expression. =>Skiing: While playing, press [L]+L, [L]+L and your skier will be recentered to the middle of the screen. Pressing [L]+L toggles the Left Difficulty Switch, which is what triggers this secret. =>Spider Fighter: Before you begin the game, press [L]+L to set the Left Difficulty to A, setting the game to hard mode, where enemies are worth more if they are carrying fruit. Begin the game, then quickly press [L]+L to change the Left Difficulty to B. The game will return to the normal difficulty, but you will continue to score points as if you were playing in hard mode (where enemy point values are multipled if they are carrying fruit).

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